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Cupping massage

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Cupping or vacuum massage – when to undergo it?

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Cupping, also known as vacuum massage, is a traditional technique used in many cultures around the world to treat a variety of health problems. This method involves applying special containers, called flasks, to the skin to create a vacuum or vacuum. Flasks can be made from a variety of materials, such as glass, plastic, or silicone.

The principle of cupping is to soak the skin and the layers underneath into the flask, which creates a vacuum. This has several possible effects on the body.

What are the positives you can expect?

Improved blood circulation: Cupping can increase blood flow in the area where the flasks are applied. This can contribute to a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

Relieving muscle tension: The vacuum created by the cups can help relax tense muscles and relieve muscle pain.

Drainage: Cupping can help remove excess fluid from tissues and support the lymphatic system.

Improved lymphatic flow: By helping to remove waste products and toxins from tissues, cupping can promote healthy lymphatic flow.

Cupping is used to treat a variety of conditions and problems, including back pain, neck and shoulder tension, muscle injuries, arthritis, migraines, bronchitis, and more. It is often used in traditional Chinese medicine and other alternative healing methods.

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During the cupping procedure, the therapist first applies oil or other gliding agent to the skin and then uses the cups to create a vacuum. The flasks can be left on the skin for a period of time (depending on the therapeutic purpose) or they can move across the surface of the skin, which is called „dry cupping.“

Cupping should be performed by a trained and qualified therapist, as improper use can cause bruising or other side effects. You should consult with a doctor or alternative medicine expert before considering cupping as a treatment method, especially if you have a medical condition or need individual advice.

Cupping is a vacuum massage that is performed using glass or other flasks on the principle of Head’s reflex zonesFrom a health point of view, it mainly affects the lymphatic system and in practice it is a suitable combination of other massages.

Cupping means attaching glass jars in which a vacuum is created, which causes them to attach to the skin. The flasks are placed on designated areas (reflex zones, acupuncture points, ashi zones) or used for massage. The flasks are of various shapes, usually spherical or bell-shaped, with a hole diameter of about 15 – 90 mm. The effect of cupping is in the regulation of blood flow and qi. It is supposed to help pull pollutants to the surface and eliminate them. It opens the skin sweats and allows the elimination of pollutants.

The main goal of treatment with suction cups is to strengthen the self-healing powers of the body, set them in motion, activate and regenerate the whole organism and increase its performance. At present, cupping, due to its unpretentiousness and remarkable effect in the treatment of many acute and chronic diseases, is again coming to the attention of doctors and laymen.

After cupping massage

The application of the cups can cause contusion and circular impressions of the flasks on the skin, the size depends on the duration of the cupping and the strength of the attachment. The client should not feel pain. Normally, bruising disappears within a week. A blister may appear if a strong latch is attached.

After cupping, it is recommended to lightly massage the entire treated area (rubbing, shaking) in the flow of energy. After application, slight dizziness may occur and blood pressure may drop in older people (over 50 years of age). Sometimes, more neurotic and hysterical clients can feel nauseous after banks.

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