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Honey massage

 Time: 45 mins

Honey massage

Honey massage is not only a pleasant remedy and relaxation after a hard and stressful day, but also a means that can rid the human body of harmful toxins.

Thanks to the strong effects of honey and the right compressive massage touches on the skin of the body, the massage cleanses the body of germs, cleanses clogged pores and improves blood circulation. Based on the detoxification method, accumulated harmful deposits and toxins are gradually removed from deep within the body tissues.

Honey massage has proven to be effective in the treatment of civilization diseases, such as rheumatic diseases of muscles and joints, stomach and intestinal disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, headache and migraine, depression, liver disease, kidney weakness, skin problems, infertility or menstrual problems.

What kind of honey do we use?

We import honey from the Czech Republic from beautiful forests located in the south of Moravia.

How it works?

Honey massage is performed on the patient’s back, as this place is one of the parts of the human body in which the largest percentage of reflex zones are hidden, thanks to which the most damage is removed from the body.

After a well-performed honey massage, the client feels light, pleasant, relaxed and slightly tired, the skin shows signs of softness, smoothness and a pleasant honey scent. The aftermath of a quality massage and the initial signs of cleansing include moderately high but pleasant fatigue, mild headaches, a small rash, small red spots on the skin, and women may experience moderate discharge. However, each client reacts to the massage individually, so there may be a situation where there are no negative reactions at all after the massage

As a preventive measure, we should undergo a honey massage about once a month, in the case of mild difficulties, a visit to the masseur is sufficient about once every two weeks, in the case of acute health problems, it is necessary to undergo a massage once a week.

Who is the honey massage for?

Honey massage is intended primarily for people who need to revive and stimulate a weakened body. In general, we can say that honey massage is intended for the general public, people of all ages (the recommended age limit is from 15 years) and both sexes. It is very effective in helping people who suffer from diseases or diseases belonging to the group of so-called civilization diseases.

Highly recommended! Mirka, the owner is detailed oriented and super nice young woman who provides an amazing massages, and every sessions has never been anything less than exemplary. From my personal experience her massages method and style is second to none 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Super instant de calme, de détente et de bonheur avec un accueil chaleureux ! Aucun regret, mon stresse a été enlever grâce à leurs mains à la fois douces et assez forte pour masser. Je recommande fortement !
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