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Sport massage

Sports massage is an organized set of suitable massage touches that help the athlete get rid of fatigue or prepare him to perform at full capacity. Therapeutic sports massage accelerates the treatment of some illnesses and especially injuries of the athlete.

Classic massage

Free your body from stress and tension with our classic massage. Experience deep relaxation and restore your vitality thanks to the gentle touch of our experienced therapists. Let yourself be carried away into a world of peace and well-being, where your mind will relax and your body will find its balance again. Bring your body back into harmony with a classic massage.

Destress massage

Destress massage is not only a luxurious experience, but also an important form of self-care. Everyone deserves the feeling of relaxation and rest that massage provides. Don’t forget about your own needs and treat yourself to this experience that will help you re-energize and regain harmony in your life. Relax, unwind, and let yourself be pampered with a relaxing massage.

Couples massage

An experience for two – Couple’s massage where your bodies join in harmony and your mind relaxes. Enjoy intense relaxation and restore your energy balance with our exclusive couples massage. Experience a moment of peace and well-being together that will strengthen your relationship and fuel your love with new life energy. Take your relationship to new heights with our couples massage.

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Highly recommended! Mirka, the owner is detailed oriented and super nice young woman who provides an amazing massages, and every sessions has never been anything less than exemplary. From my personal experience her massages method and style is second to none 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Super instant de calme, de détente et de bonheur avec un accueil chaleureux ! Aucun regret, mon stresse a été enlever grâce à leurs mains à la fois douces et assez forte pour masser. Je recommande fortement !
Miannizzy Cat
Mains de velours et accueil chaleureux de Mirka, la propriétaire. Le massage était exceptionnel, il m'a permis de retirer le stress des jours passés, de me détendre et de me ressourcer. c'était le premier massage de ma vie et ce ne sera certainement pas le dernier... évidemment toujours chez Manabru !!
Ranya Taoufik
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