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Sports massages

 Time: 45 mins

Sports massage

Athletes are much more fatigued than the general population, mainly because their training and racing performance is very often at the limit of metabolic and mental possibilities.

Striving for maximum performance also requires a more thorough and consistent approach to regeneration.
Training preparation cannot be increased indefinitely. It is determined both by leisure time and by the size of the physical load. Therefore, it is necessary to apply perfect and effective comprehensive regeneration, which shortens the duration of the most necessary recovery, so that the further implementation of the training unit leads to an increase in performance.

Comprehensive regeneration has an effect on positively influencing fitness, performance and thus achieving the maximum possible performance.

Auxiliary massage products

Some massage touches can be successfully performed with a „dry hand“ and on a dry body. These include grasping and pulling, all variants of beating, shaking, shaking and movements in the joints. In the case of many other touches, performing dry touches is unpleasant or even painful for the person being massaged. That is why means are used to facilitate the glide of the masseur’s hand over the massaged part of the body. Suitable auxiliary means this enable the perfect execution of some touches and their composition increases the effect of these touches even more.

For athletes, we use Snow White gel for tired or painful areas of the body. The contained menthol and ethanol have a cooling, refreshing and circulating effect, 
chestnut extract anti-inflammatory and comfrey extract have a healing effect.

If we need blood circulation and muscle relaxation, we use Snow White warming gel, which we massage into tired areas of the body. The warming ingredient obtained from vanilla has a warming, circulating and relaxing effect, chestnut extract has an anti-inflammatory effect and arnica extract has a warming effect on bruises and swelling.

The best quality!

In our Manabru massage salon, we use high-quality cold-pressed soybean oil, to which we mix essential aromatic oils, according to the individual needs of each client.

Effects of massage

From the various types of massage, it has already emerged that depending on the touches, their direction and intensity, or according to the auxiliary means used, we can achieve different goals and even contradictory effects.

Highly recommended! Mirka, the owner is detailed oriented and super nice young woman who provides an amazing massages, and every sessions has never been anything less than exemplary. From my personal experience her massages method and style is second to none 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Super instant de calme, de détente et de bonheur avec un accueil chaleureux ! Aucun regret, mon stresse a été enlever grâce à leurs mains à la fois douces et assez forte pour masser. Je recommande fortement !
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